Production stages

The year was 1957. Having seen the Fiat 500 become a worldwide phenomenon, Gianni Agnelli commissioned the coach-building company Ghia, based in Turin, to create a one-of-a-kind vehicle: a 500 that was ready for a day out at the beach! This "spiaggina" rapidly became a hit with the international jet set, crossing the Atlantic and firmly establishing itself as an icon of Italian style and craftsmanship. Those were the car's VIP years: Grace Kelly famously owned a red Jolly, Jackie Onassis had a white Multipla, and Lyndon B. Johnson, then president of the USA, drove a 500.


Ferranti Factory since 1925


For almost a century now, the Ferranti family has been passionately and enthusiastically handing down the secrets of a historic craft from one generation to the next: the production of custom car bodywork.Today, the man in charge of keeping the family's heritage alive is Gian Nicola Ferranti. Together with his children, Gian Nicola decided to invest all his resources in a unique and ambitious project that aims to highlight the beauty of Italian craftsmanship. Thus, Le 500 Ferranti were born.

The bases we use for our Ferrantis are 500 Ds, Ls, Fs and Rs. On request, our Jollys can also be made from 600s, Multiplas and Giardinettas.
The body is totally dismantled and then cut as needed. Next, the crucial sandblasting process is carried out.
The main parts of the bodywork are replaced: sides, bumper, boot, floorboards, underbody, bonnet, tires and rims. The body is transformed: the side panels are reinforced with a 28 mm steel tube, and metal sheets are added to the internal and external bulkheads.
Preparation and painting.
After the car has been painted, the refurbished engine or the 10 kW electric alternative with lithium batteries is fitted.
Final set-up: - stainless steel supports, accessories, any optional extras and instruments. - hand-crafted custom interiors, seats, teak flooring, and coconut fibre coverings.
 Refitted original Engines powered Electric system 10 kw with lithium batteries Car sheet cover tailored Set covers customized Vintage stereo system with Aux or Usb inputs Whitewall tires American-style bumpers Original Jolly windscreen Modification of lights and instruments upon request
Le 500 Ferranti srls P.iva 15334481007 Sede Legale: Viale Tiziano 5, 00196 Roma Sede Operativa: via Montenero 43/L, Guidonia Tel. +39 339 14 08 465
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